When we walk in a forest or park, our levels of white blood cells increase and it also lowers our pulse rate, blood pressure and level of the stress hormone cortisol.

The Okanagan Ecovillage
The Okanagan EcovillageThe Okanagan EcovillageThe Okanagan Ecovillage
The Okanagan Ecovillage
The Old Indian Map
X Marks the Spot
The Road Plan to the Monashee was registered August, 8th 1862
In the summer of 1862 Governor James Douglas sent W.G. Cox, Magistrate and Gold Commissioner at Rock Creek, to explore the territory between the head of Okanagan Lake and the Columbia River with a view to establishing a "horse road" (a pack-horse trail). An “x” on an old Indian Map was the end of the road, 150 years later we know the road as Highway 6, and the "x" as Cherryville.

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getting from pond A to pond B
making ripples
in the pond
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shaking the bigger tree
The Monashee
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High-grade natural rubber from dandelions becomes real.

Can we challenge agribusiness in the Okanagan to grow dandelions for the manufacturing of rubber?
A "Trap Program" is being developed to stop the spread of the Mountain Pine Beetle.
News and Ideas About Life and Living in the Monashee and Okanagan
The Erosion of Soil and Our Society
Every year in the Okanagan Valley we deplete our soil.
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BC Parks insists that there is a dwindling herd of Mountain Caribou in and around Monashee Provincial Park. Yet the Ministry of Forests allows more logging of Caribou habitat. Then BC Parks and our local Area Planning Commissions give the green light to more Helisking in Caribou range, and now there is an application to create mountain bike trails in this same range.
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in the
the sad state of
Washington State seeks new dam
for the Similkameen River
“Fortis proposal seems designed to avoid triggering any kind of regulatory review.” With western North America experiencing drying conditions, Washington State is looking north into the Okanagan for solving water and hydroelectric shortages.
Province Moves Forward
With New Building Code
It is uncertain as to how “alternative” and “off-the-grid” construction will be dealt with under the centralized authority of the province. This spring the provincial government will begin to phase in a new buiding code that will effect all construction in British Columbia.
Why the world needs
"Wildcrafting is a practice integrating local ecological knowledge, family and land history, conscious harvesting, land stewardship, activism, and storytelling all into one lovely practice.  Practice may be an understatement, for Wildcrafting is a way of complete being, a framework by which to exist in the world.
It is art.  It is science.  It is spirituality. "
Shelter: Are we ready for the
Tiny House solution?
Market demand is offering solutions to solving housing problems and it’s up to communities and governments to take notice and let it happen. Tiny Houses, Nano-houses, Cottages, Lane-way Houses are just a few of the labels which are capturing the imagination of numerous segments within our society.
at its best?
Does Coldstream care?
Does anybody
in Canada care?
Coldstream has a new pellet plant and there are more to come, perhaps close to your neighborhood. As we clearcut our forests in the Okanagan to supply biofuel to China we are negatively impacting biodiversity here and increasing carbon emissions in China.
Where does the waste go ?
The Hanford Nuclear Reservation continues to leak into the Columbia River drainage and also poses a risk of spilling radiation into the atmosphere within 200 miles of the Okanagan.
Washington State is now considering the creation of a “small nuke industry” near Hanford where there would be small nuclear reactors built; a modular segment would be a mini-reactor of 50 to 300 megawatts and it might be moved to be part of a larger reactor being built close by or far away.
With the democratization of nuclear energy it’s becoming cheaper and more available to masses of consumers and there’s no telling what might happen.

For Creative Minds
Will we find San Joaquin Valley Fever in the Okanagan?
“Decomposers” are creeping northward as the western North America climate warms and desertification mixes with urbanization. Some of these microscopic fungal spores are the cause of coccidioidomycosis, also known as San Joaquin Valley Fever, an infectious fungal disease caused by inhaling airbourne spores which travel within dust and other particulate matter.
The CDC estimates that about 150,000 people are infected yearly in the United States alone.
Did the BC Gov know that there was a biocoal plant proposed and even secured in Lumby, when they approved the Lavington pellet plant?